dimarts, 20 de maig de 2008

Napster Launches Largest DRM-free Music Store
In an effort to make up for lost time Napster is getting big quickly however proclaiming from day one it will have in excess of six million DRM-free tracks from all 'Big Four' labels (Warner, Sony BMG, EMI and Universal) plus a wide selection of independents. Price is will be something of a bargain too with tracks costing just 99c (52p) and encoded at 256Kbps in the ubiquitous MP3 format.

"Music fans have spoken and it's clear they need the convenience, ease of use and broad interoperability of the DRM-free MP3 format, and they want to be able to find both major label artists and independent music all in one place," said Napster's Chairman and CEO Chris Gorog.

No em digueu que no fa gràcia que després de la revolució Napster que va acabar tancat per les discogràfiques, ara, després que les discogràfiques intentessin evitar el món digital i forçar-nos a comprar CDs, ara, després del fracàs estrepitós del DRM, ara, ens vulguin de clients a un dolar la cançó sense protecció.

Però us haureu de fotre discogràfiques. Visca The Pirate Bay.