dimecres, 24 de juny de 2009

No “3 Strikes” in Spain, Watch Out Torrent Sites | TorrentFreak
So, having failed to close down file-sharing sites, given up and gone after users instead - failed and gone after the ISPs to go after the users for them and failed again, it’s back to the old school for the Spanish anti-pirates.

In his first public appearance as Coalition president, Aldo Olcese said his group would now concentrate on taking down the country’s BitTorrent trackers instead. Olcese claims there are now 200 torrent sites in Spain, up from 70 just a few months ago.

Adding that the Coalition was still gathering information on the sites, Olcese said he would reveal their names shortly. However, it’s far from clear what his outfit can do.

The reason there has been such a growth in torrent sites in Spain is because the local courts have ruled time and again that if profits aren’t made directly from copyright infringements, BitTorrent sites are perfectly legal.

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