diumenge, 13 de maig de 2012

Col·lectiu Emma: Recommended reading: "It’s Time to Stop Using Chewing Gum And Chicken Wire In Spain" by Edward Hugh
Esperanza Aguirre – a leading figure on the right of the PP, and a key actor in the background to the Caja Madrid/Bankia saga – has been out and about of late, campaigning for more centralisation. Now this – given her declared ideology – was not surprising, what was surprising was what she wanted to centralise – education, health and justice. What she didn’t want to do was abolish 15 of the 17 regional parliaments, which is one of the things many observers consider could help.


The UK has a decentralised health service without the need for so many parliaments, and it seems strange to me that someone wants to leave the parliaments and centralise health. Only Wales and Scotland have parliaments. Does anyone else smell a political agenda being advanced here?

Amb España no hi ha res a fer.