diumenge, 30 d’octubre de 2011

NBA Cancels All Games Through Nov. 30
Fisher said there were still too many restrictions in the owners' proposal. Players want to keep a system similar to the old one, and fear owners' ideas would limit player movement and the choices available to them in free agency.

Sembla que el "We The People" s'està morint i ara s'imposa el "We The Corporations". Aguantaran les persones que juguen a basquet?

And though they might be inclined to give up one if they received more concessions on the other, players make it sound as if they are the ones doing all the giving back.

Sembla que guanyen les persones jurídiques.

NBA Lockout: Why the NBA Is a Lock To End the Lockout Soon
the richest owners have smothered all talk of revenue sharing because they don’t want to give away their profits to failing teams, even for the overall health of the league.

Destruïnt America, one team at a time.